Accelerate: Parenting Teenagers Toward Adulthood
How Not to Find Your 25-Year-Old Still Living in Your Basement
by Richard Ross on Aug 12, 2013
Accelerate: Parenting Teenagers Toward Adulthood: How Not to Find Your 25-Year-Old Still Living in Your Basement

by Richard Ross on Aug 12, 2013 from Books

Today, most people 18-25 do not see themselves as adults, and they know they are not prepared for adult roles. Spiritually, socially, and emotionally, they are underdeveloped. Even regions of their brains are underdeveloped. These emerging adults are in a holding pattern related to vocation, life direction, and marriage. But they also are stuck spiritually. The faith that characterizes most church teenagers is almost entirely me centered. And it is a "faith" that usually crumbles after high school. As a parent, you stand at a crossroads. If you repeat the parenting approaches of the past, your children may well become 20-somethings similar to those today-living in a never, never land between the teenage years and adulthood. Or you can seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and parent in fresh new ways. Those fresh approaches are the focus of this book. Soon you may see your own high school graduates well on their way to adulthood, deeply in love with Christ, and wanting nothing more than His glory. Richard Ross is a professor of student ministry. He has written 23 books related to teenagers and families and has spoken to parents in almost 500 churches and conferences. Joining Ross as contributors are: Doug Bischoff, Ph.D. Next Generations Minister, Houston's First Baptist Church, Houston, Texas David Booth, Ph.D. Minister of Education & Family Discipleship, First Baptist Church, Winnsboro, Texas Kyle Crowell, Ph.D. Minister of Students and Activities, First Baptist Church, Bolivar, Missouri Johnny Derouen, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Student Ministry, Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas David Odom, Ph.D. Jr. High Pastor and Video Director, Crestview Baptist Church, Midland, Texas

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