A Passion for the Great Commission
Essays in Honor of Alvin L. Reid
by Matt Queen on Mar 9, 2014
A Passion for the Great Commission: Essays in Honor of Alvin L. Reid

by Matt Queen on Mar 9, 2014 from Books

In today's climate of an ever-gathering darkness, no challenge is more vital than that of Jesus compelling His followers forward to take the gospel message into a lost and dying world. Such continues to be the burning passion and purpose of long-time professor and evangelist, Dr. Alvin L. Reid. This powerful festschrift, written in his honor, captures and explores topics related to Reid's personal ministry as a catalyst igniting within God's people the commitment to carry out Christ's Great Commission. In its pages, well-known Christian leaders and scholars address issues related to Great Commission leadership, history, strategies, and vision, which have characterized Reid's life work. This collection of writings from friends, colleagues, and former students, expressing their gratitude for Reid and his work, continues to fan the flame of conquest for the hearts and minds of an unbelieving world.

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