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Chapel: Fall 2015

Chapel services at Southwestern Seminary are a vital part of campus life. It is our desire to promote the spiritual growth and health of our students, staff, and faculty and everyone who would like to be a part of our chapel services.

Expository Preaching Workshop 2015: Preaching Jude In Today's Culture

You can deliver a clear, effective, expository sermon without putting your congregation to sleep. The Expository Preaching Workshop - Preaching Jude in Today's Culture will aid you in clearly communicating the message of Scripture to your congregation while keeping them engaged at every turn.

Seven Sayings of Christ from the Cross: 2015 Spring Chapel Series

Seven Sayings of Christ from the Cross. A Spring 2015 Chapel Sermon Series by Paige Patterson.

Southwestern News: A Publication of Southwestern Seminary

Southwestern News is published four times a year by the Office of Communications at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas


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